Sink Deep - Kayben XX Kills The Mic & Releases Absolute Gold!
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Kayben XX Kills The Mic & Releases Absolute Gold!

Hip Hop, Rap, Kayben XX

Kayben XX is from Johannesburg, South Africa and has been releasing fire track after fire track. His new track – “Do The Most” – has a hypnotic rhythm and melody with a smooth bassline to bring you into his rhymes. Kayben  is one of those artists who makes tracks you can listen to a 100 times, and still find something new in the meaning of his lyrics each time. Kayben releases his music with the likes of Datpiff, and AMP Productions.

As a treat, we have linked you up with another 3 heaters from Kayben, in case you’re too lazy to make your way over to his soundcloud. Best place to stay updated with Kayben’s releases and news is his FB page.