Kuvoka - Sink Deep Recordings & Management
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KUVOKA is a techno producer based in Vancouver. He started his music career as a DJ in Istanbul, Turkey which is his hometown. After Djing at several venues and festivals over a 3 year in Turkey, KUVOKA decided to change his path. He moved to Vancouver, Canada to focus on music production and introduce his own tracks into his Dj sets. Since he moved, KUVOKA have had the chance to collaborate with several local artists and producers who makes techno, tech house, deep house and melodic techno which helped him to shape his sound.

In 2018, KUVOKA released his first track, Kargi from Jeton Records (TR). “Kargi” drew attention of Richie Hawtin where he played “Kargi” at live events like AWAKENINGS and CLOSE. He has 5 tracks signed for release on early 2019 from Jeton Records, Reload Records and Oscuro Music and more to come.


Kuvoka New Breed Jeton

Kuvoka Tourhall EP