The Fix EP - Sink Deep
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FNKSTLL Black & White

Write Up

RELEASE DATE 2018-08-30
LABEL Techno.Black
For the past two years, Manfred Lotz and Jason Camp have taken their artistic drive and their shared love for electronic music, and formed the West Coast Canadian Techno duo known as FNKSTLL /f NG/ ə/stil/ /aH/. The artist name originates from the German word, “Funkstille”, which translates into “Radio Silence”. The duo’s love for forward thinking Techno brought them to Europe. Manfred immersed himself in the Dutch techno scene for 6 months, and Jason immersed himself in the Berlin Techno scene for 2 and a half years. With a fresh sound, and tight productions, their music has been featured in underground clubs around the world. With their exuberant drive, and passion for Techno, it is a sure thing that their tracks are pushing the boundaries of your expectations. The Fix represents movement, acceptance, and exploration of forward thinking sound. Forget all things mainstream, and indulge in a vast ocean of hypnotic soundscapes and rhythmical prisons.

Release Info

FNKSTLL - The Fix EP Cover Image